We met in July 2014 here in Cape Town via Lonely Hearts Club, it was following a weekend that Jane was away with a group of couples and had had enough with ‘the single life’ and decided she would go on a date with ‘The next half decent guy’ that sent her a message on Lonely Hearts Club. I would like to introduce myself, I’m the next half decent guy.

After a number of dates in and around Cape Town we spent a weekend away at the Kruger National Park where she finally gave in and acknowledged that there may be something worth pursuing, at which point she promptly asked me to be her boyfriend and travel with her to England to meet her family. An exciting holiday to the UK and even a weekend in Paris followed meeting friends and family which of cause came with its usual set of nerves. Apparently I passed the test and was allowed to continue to date Jane.

Fast forward many more dates, weekends away, travelling the country, a trip to Mozambique and at the end of the year year I decided it was time to ask Jane if she would be my wife. Planning and plotting ensued and in a fateful weekend late January I woke Jane up on a Saturday morning and told her she needed to get ready. She had no idea for what. After a little protesting she got up and ready. With limo and suitcase waiting outside she was bundled off to an undisclosed location (the airport) where she moved through security and to the boarding gate where the final destination was revealed, back to the Kruger.

We arrived late afternoon and later in the evening joined a group to experience ‘sounds of the bush’, canapes at sunset overlooking a watering hole, followed by a lovely dinner under the stars in the middle of the bush. Shortly after main course I asked her to join me for a walk so we could get a better view of the night sky (not actually sure that was possible the stars were amazing from anywhere), but once we had moved away from the group I did ask her to marry me, and after checking if I had permission from her father (which thank god I did) she accepted.

Drinks, excitement, and phone calls followed and not long after returning to Cape Town we started planning our special day.

We married at an old church in the UK and celebrated with our family and friends after transporting them via London Bus to an old tudor pub.

We were lucky enough to have a long honeymoon and traveled South America perusing our passion for the outdoors, hiking, great food and wine.

People are still asking “so hows married life?”. I think my wife sums it up best with the same response every time ~ blissful

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